How to Stay Involved During the Summer Months Without an Internship

Working as a full-time summer camp counselor is certainly not the same as completing a public relations internship, and neither is completing an online biology course. Despite having a full-time job, taking classes, and participating in other activities, there are many ways you can work on your public relations skills without an internship this summer.

Hone your writing skills.

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Even with a busy schedule, writing is an easy way to work on your public relations skills during the summer months. Whether that means writing for your local newspaper, a PRSSA publication, such as FORUM or Progressions, or a personal blog, writing is valuable piece of your portfolio. At the core of public relations, writing is an important skill to build on, and the summer months may present interesting stories and angles that students don’t have the opportunity to write about during the year. For example, if you want to take advantage of the summer sun by traveling, start a blog to document your adventures. You can use the blog not only to gain more experience writing, but also enhance your photography and website design skills.

Broaden your network.

Keeping your social media up to date is more important than ever. Use your time off from work to keep your LinkedIn updated and share relevant articles you’ve read on Twitter. Keeping your network engaged during the summer will show your connections your involvement and commitment despite not having an internship and not being active in your PRSSA Chapter.

Plan ahead.

Take initiative by sending emails to connections you have made in the past and are looking forward to growing relationships with in the upcoming months. Utilize summer months to start looking ahead. Mark your calendar for upcoming events, such as the PRSSA 2016 National Conference, Regional Conferences, Chapter meetings and workshops, that are taking place.  

Jordan McCrary is a sophomore public relations major from South Florida. She is serving as the 2016–2017 vice president of member services for the University of Florida PRSSA Chapter. Jordan can often be found drinking iced coffee, talking about her dogs or volunteering at a local Gainesville elementary school.

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