Interns Caught in Ethics Scandal

In case you missed the uproar this weekend, Techcrunch, a popular technology blog that often reports about bad public relations practices, posted a story that alleges a public relations firm uses its interns to post positive reviews on the iTunes app store for clients. According to Techcrunch, interns monitor message boards and gauge online communities —fairly common for interns working […]

Tips For A Successful Internship

I had the opportunity to ask Heather Crowley, recruitment specialist for Edelman in Chicago, some questions about how to be successful in a summer internship. At Edelman, she is responsible for recruiting interns and entry level employees, so she has seen her fair share of good interns. Her tips and advice are below: What are some of the top traits for successful interns? It is important for interns to […]

Internships and Diversity: How Paid and Unpaid Internships Unknowingly Shape Our Profession

First, I would like to say I got this post idea from Richard Edelman’s “The Great Experiment” post on his blog 6 A.M. It is common for internships in public relations and communications to be unpaid. Naturally, the experience we receive in the real world is more valuable than any kind of salary or stipend we would receive. If we […]