Committee Confessions

The 2018-2019 PRSSA National Committee.

It was Tuesday afternoon on October 2, 2018 and all across the country, the PRSSA National Committee was stirring. From Millersville, Pennsylvania to Athens, Ohio to Chicago, Illinois to Raleigh, North Carolina to Gainesville, Florida, phones lit up, suitcases remained empty and chaos ensued. Only one day before flying to Austin, Texas for PRSSA National Conference, the National Committee realized it had something to confess.

We, like most of you, found ourselves riding – no, driving – the struggle bus.

In a wild 17 minutes filled with rapid-fire text messaging, the Committee members admitted confessions one after the other that created a bond so strong we decided to turn it into a Progressions piece. So, henceforth lies the truth behind the Committee: we are just students who find themselves wrapped in struggles on the daily but try their best, just like all of you. To prove my point, I would like to share some of the texts exchanged in our group message in those 17 minutes.

Emma Ingram, publications editor-in-chief, “Anyone else hasn’t packed yet?”

Ashleigh Kathryn, vice president of professional development, “My suitcase broke, so me.”

Rosa Ambriz, vice president of external relations, “I put hairspray instead of dry shampoo in my hair this morning.”

Emma Ingram, “I started putting butter on a piece of moldy bread this morning.”

Me, Alyssa Murtagh, vice president of career services, “This is the first day in forever that I forgot to put gel in my hair and now my curly hair isn’t curly and is a disgrace.”

Ryan Will, vice president of events and fundraising, “My hair is too long, I need a haircut. Growing a man bun sucks.”

Emma Ingram, “I ordered the wrong size of pants for Texas but am too lazy to return them so prepare to see me looking very uncomfortable.”

Nick Goebel, vice president of chapter development, “I missed a meeting with [insert very import PR professional here] because I was writing emails.”

Ryan Will, “I bought this nice blazer that is super cozy but honestly the fabric and color matches my sweatpants so you all better watch out.”

Rosa Ambriz, “Instead of writing my report I just think, ‘a snail is really just a booger in a shell.’”

These are real quotes. Everything above happened to the Committee members in the days leading up to National Conference. Unfortunately, this is not even the extent of it. However, by now I feel confident you can imagine the rest.

Yet, through all of the strange, chaotic happenings of the days leading up until National Conference, we as a Committee proved one thing that all of you know to be true: as public relations people, we are always ready to turn on professional mode. We came, we saw, we conquered. It was a pleasure seeing all of you in Austin and no matter what struggles you faced before you arrived, know that we as a Society proved ourselves as the future of this industry in the utmost professional manner.

Drive that struggle bus, PRSSA. You are doing great.

Alyssa Murtagh is the vice president of career services for PRSSA National. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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